Jenna Quinn has pioneered the national child sexual abuse prevention movement since 2004. She is also the author of Pure In Heart, a TED speaker, and the namesake of Jenna’s Law. Passed unanimously in Texas in 2009, Jenna’s Law was the first child sexual abuse prevention education mandate in the U.S named after a survivor. It requires each school district to adopt and implement a prevention policy that educates students and teachers on how to recognize and report child sexual abuse. Now, over half the country has adopted legislation reflecting the principals of Jenna’s Law, including federal legislation filed called, “The Jenna Quinn Law.”

 With a Masters Degree in Communications, Jenna has reached international audiences, educating and sharing her inspiring story with legislatures, law-enforcement, abuse-prevention groups, schools, communities of faith, nonprofit organizations, and the general public.  As a survivor who benefited from the services of a Children’s Advocacy Center, Jenna has worked with over 100 advocacy centers across the country. She is also featured in the “It’s Not Just Jenna” documentary film that depicts her story of hope and is shown to groups all across the country. 

Jenna has dedicated the past 15 years of her life to preventing child sexual abuse through education and legislation. It’s through her experiences growing up in the faith community and attending private Christian school, where she realized the crucial need for prevention education and survivor protection within communities of faith.